Blogging for Practices: How it can help

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Blogging can help boost your audience

Writing innovative, credible, and thought-provoking blog posts and then sharing them on your social networks will encourage your followers to share your articles as well. Blogging can help boost your audience. As people read posts, they more than likely they will be compelled to share your article with other colleagues. Not just in a different zip code or state, but even in other countries. Creating posts is networking kicked up a notch, which is something that everyone who has a small practice should be doing! Don’t forget to add a call to action to every blog post to turn those opportunities into new clients or great contacts.

Blogging in the practice world, about your specialty, will help to cultivate your reputation. You are giving a voice to the several issues, struggles, or concerns of those customers that you would like to attain.

Blogging can help you reach an entirely new audience. Let people get to know your likes and personality through your words. Tell them what areas of private practice you excel at, your viewpoints on new therapy techniques, and even your outlook on life. Try to connect with your readers by letting them know you as a person.

If you talk to any web developer, they will remind you of the importance of keeping relevant and updated content on your site. Just like your website, it’s essential to remain current on the latest trends and progress made in the area of your expertise. Blogging will have you researching new topics and learning new things. This can help in your private practice by keeping you well informed.

Blogging is a tool that helps to bring traffic to your website. For each blog post written, it’s one more page that’s being indexed by search engines like Google.


What to write about?

Wanting to blog is one thing, but thinking of creative content regularly can be a difficult task, especially if you’re busy running a practice. Find a way to make your posts relatable to their concerns. You don’t want to scare people away by writing technical details that may not make sense to your readers. If you’re trying to reach teens or children, you may select article topics geared towards their parents, who will ultimately bring those clients to you. An example of an article to target a specific audience may be “Help My Child Who Is Struggling With Bullying.” By placing yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, you can think about subjects that they may search for online that will bring them to you via blog articles or, ultimately, back to your website.

Conferences, TED talks, and presentations on YouTube are all possible sources of posts. Whether you agree, disagree, or fall somewhere in-between, detailing your thoughts is a simple means of creating content. Display your expertise but gear your language towards everyday people. 

Don’t forget that a good idea may be discovered just about anywhere. Pay attention to the everyday aspect of your life, and you may be surprised to find inspiration from within you.

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