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neofect smart balance

A new device that aims to make leg rehabilitation fun and engaging

A Dance Dance Revolution-like device for rehabilitation of your legs, balance, and posture for stroke survivors.

There is a new device that helps people recovering from a stroke rehabilitate their legs, balance, and posture. A new design to be used for healthcare clinics and for temporary use at home.

The device is called Neofect Smart Balance and it’s the latest product in the growing field of physical therapy gamification. It’s designed to help stroke survivors engage in fun and engaging rehabilitation

The Neofect Smart Balance creates fun and engaging exercises to aid people in recovery. tracking and analyzing your motions as it provides feedback when it senses an imbalance.

During the rehabilitation process, games increase the speed of movement and challenge your coordination even more. As you make progress, the Neofect Smart Balance can securely share reports with your therapists, so they can adjust your recovery regimen as needed.

The patient can pick various games to concentrate on recovery. One game lets you move your feet to the beat of a melody while timing a leg lift and step. In another game, you wear a lash around your chest that has a sensor. You lean and move to control an onscreen plane with the sensor. “Patients are physically and cognitively challenged and can also have fun while rehabilitating,” said Scott Kim, co-founder and CEO of Neofect USA.

Physical and occupational therapists can connect with users through the app to guide patients through rehabilitation remotely. Neofect Connect is available on iOS and Android.

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