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A revolutionized way of brushing teeth?

Dentists might have an easier time getting their patients to brush regularly.

There’s a new toothbrush on the horizon designed at cleaning all of your teeth in just 10 seconds. The Y-Brush is a new, re-invented toothbrush designed by the French company FasTeesH. Unlike a regular toothbrush where a person brushes typically from tooth-to-tooth, the Y-Brush cleans a large portion of your mouth at once.

The Y-Brush is unlike any other toothbrush on the market today. The one of a kind toothbrush looks like a little mouthguard for sports. The Y-Brush’s tray uses nylon bristles positioned at 45-degree angles — the same angle the ADA recommends holding a “normal” toothbrush against your gums. 

On the front of the brush tray is a small handle with a sizeable trapezoid-shaped motor that vibrates to clean your teeth. Three different vibration settings are enabling you to find one that’s most comfortable for you. To use it, you add toothpaste, position the Y-Brush in your mouth, and turn on the motor. As the brushes vibrate, you make a chewing motion for 5 seconds after which you remove it, flip the Y-Brush and repeat.

The Y-Brush costs $125. For comparison, Colgate’s smart electric toothbrush costs $100, and Oral-B’s Bluetooth equipped Genius Pro 8000 toothbrush costs $180. The Y-Brush will undergo a clinical study in France over the coming months. You can order the Y-Brush online, but it won’t ship until March. The new brush will be available in four different sized trays ranging from ones for adults to smaller ones for children. 

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