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Insomnia no more?

Research has estimated that about 70 million Americans have chronic insomnia.

A new headband will be on the horizon later this year, and it is not a fashion piece for your hair. It’s a headband to wear at night that helps people fall asleep 40% faster. The Urgonight is a device that trains your brain during the day to sleep better at night.

The Urgonight is designed by a French health tech startup that measures your EEG via an app and uses games to teach you how to control the brain waves that impact sleep. During clinical trials, the device’s neurofeedback method helped people fall asleep 40% faster. The device is one of a growing number of sleep tech products that aim to help people get enough sleep, which their body requires to live a healthier life. Much research has estimated that about 70 million Americans have chronic insomnia.

Guirec Le Lous, who is the CEO of parent company Urgotech, presented the device at CES 2020. “You have many products that are tracking sleep,” Le Lous said. “With Urgonight, we’re going to help you improve your sleep, and train your brain to learn to sleep better.”

The headband and app (available for iOS and Android) use neurofeedback therapy that allows you to view a real-time display of your brain activity, which teaches you how to identify and change behaviors through different exercises. The creation of the new headband is to be used for 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Which makes it convenient for your schedule so you won’t look strange wearing the headband.
Upon wearing the headband, you will be completing tasks such as drawing relaxing patterns. A virtual coach guides you through each task and offers advice on how to improve your score. After about 10 to 15 sessions, results will start to show. The company requires about 40 sessions for lasting change

The headband is lightweight and easy to put on. Small electrodes automatically adjust to the size of your head.

The Urgonight headband will be available in June, Le Lous said. It will cost $500 (about £380 or AU$720), according to the company.

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