A Guide to Growing Your Practice in 2020

apple computer chart growth medical practice

Here is a comprehensive guide to growing your practice in 2020. In this post we cover essential steps required to building up your medical practice, increasing your patients, and ramping up revenue.

How to Design Your Practice Website for an Optimal User Experience

User experience

Building a website for your practice or redesigning it can be a simple  decision. What’s not so intuitive is knowing first how to approach the project strategically. That’s why user experience (UX) design exists. It offers useful principles about factors to consider when designing your website. In this article, we break down those principles, providing […]

Do Online or PPC Ads work for Medical Practices?

Do Online or PPC Ads work for Medical Practices?

Online or PPC Ads are a proven advertising strategy which produces fairly predictable results when applied correctly. We go over what PPC Ad options are available to medical practices, what is the RoI you can typically expect and which online avenue should you be using to get your name out there and get more patient/ clients in the door.

How To Provide Teletherapy

How to provide Teletherapy

How To Provide Teletherapy We are living in an era of digitalization and finding new ways to connect each day digitally. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, COVID -19, technological advancements have made it so easy to interact with anybody sitting in any corner of the world. Similarly, one of the best ways to provide medical […]



Email Marketing For Practices People have been using email for a very long time; in fact, it was the first tool used for staying connected in the digital world. Email is as old as the Internet, and every day hundreds of billions of emails are sent. If you’ve been looking for an effective way to […]

Medical Billing For Therapist – What You Need To Know

medical billing for therapist

Medical Billing For Therapist – What You Need To Know A large number of therapists are entering into the world of private practice nowadays, without having a complete understanding of the essential elements that are required for the success of a business in the long run. And, one of the major and often the most […]

Use Social Proof To Expand Your Practice’s Marketing Efforts

Get Social Proof

We are picking up from our self-help series for practices. The self-help series can be found here and will be updated as we continue to add content. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use social proof to expand your practice’s marketing efforts. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware and particular when choosing a […]

6 Effective Ways To Convert Website Visitors Into New Patients

Turning leads into new patients

6 effective ways to convert website visitors into new patients An online presence is a must in this digitally advanced era, and one of your most precious marketing assets is – your medical center’s Website. Nowadays, when people think of getting a healthcare service or hear about a new practitioner, the first thing they want […]

Has Facebook’s algorithm changed again? Staying relevant in 2020


Wait, did Facebook change it’s algorithm again? Staying relevant in 2020 – Once again, Facebook has recently changed its algorithm. If you’re posting to social media, like Facebook, to help boost your social media marketing, then it’s essential to understand how these changes will affect what you post and how viewers see your stuff. First off, […]

Digital signage for your practice. Is it right for you?

Digital Signage

Digital signage for your practice. Is it right for you? If you haven’t heard of digital signage before, then let me be the first tell you that it is a great tool that can be used to inform and engage patients and co-workers. Digital signage is a wonderful and cost-effective solution to help market and […]