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What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post?

Knowing the best time of day to medical blog post blogs is an important part when trying to reach your audience.

What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post? 1 What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post? What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post?

Best times to blog for your private practice

If you’re looking for a way to get more traffic to your website, then there is no better solution than to start blogging. Blogging is an integral part of getting attention to your site, but once you’ve created the content to post onto your website, another critical question is when are the best times to publish blogs? Posting a blog sounds pretty easy and straight forward, but there are actual research and studies which suggest the best days and times for blog posting. Getting the maximum traffic to your blog is essential. Making sure people are engaged, and reading posts are also relevant, which is why data suggests optimal times to post blogs.

Do certain days get the most views?

Yes! Believe it or not, certain days get the most action when it comes to reading blogs than others. When it comes to science and analytics, the typical blog post on a Monday gets the most traffic. Once Friday rolls along, you’ll also see an increase in traffic. The weekends, however, are not a suitable time for posting blogs. Most readers are busy during the weekend to take the time to read an article. So if you do post on the weekend, expect to wait before people have the time to view what you’ve posted.

Is there a suggested time of day to post?

There are specific times to post during the day to make sure people are ready to read what you’ve written. The average blog will receive the most traffic at around 11 a.m. Why 11 a.m.? People’s attention tends to taper off close to lunchtime. People are ready to turn their attention to something else during the middle of a workday. Other than 11 a.m., there are different optimal times to post blogs. Studies have also concluded other times, which can be beneficial for posting.

Best times to publish medical blog post

What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post? 2 What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post? What Is the Best Time to Publish a Medical Blog Post?

Mornings, 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. These hours reflect the times’ people have a little downtime before they begin work.
Middle of the day. 12 p.m. – 2 p.m, during these hours, people tend to take their lunches or have a break during the day.
Early evening. 4 p.m. – 6 p.m, this is the time when people are wrapping up their workday

Best times to blog for your private practice

There could be one small negative variable when posting at peak hours for optimal reading. The thing about peak times is, yeah, they’re peak times. Everyone is trying to exploit these windows of opportunity, including your rivals.
If you’re trying to post around peak hours, keep in mind that you’re going to fight for the interest of your viewers. If you’re in the need for blogging tips refer to our earlier post about Blogging for Practice: How it can help.

If your still unsure about blogging and how to gain the most exposure when it comes to posts, we can help! Our specialized service will create high-quality original content that helps you rank better.  We can also help with keywording so your blog content can rank higher! Give us a call at Give us a call: 224-900-1110 or email: info@practicetechsolutions.

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