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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Medical Practices

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is another tactic to level up digital marketing campaigns for medical practices. With the use of online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can boost your presence, portray your medical authority as a doctor, and improve patient trust.

Social media is a high-quality marketing tool for not just businesses, but medical practices as well. If you’re wondering how social media can help doctors advance their medical practice, it’s as simple as this: Building a digital presence on social media opens you up to growth.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

As a medical practice, you want to improve relationships with your patients. You want recognition, awareness, and connection. You know you can provide that to any patient who steps through your door. The question is, how can you market your values to get them to your practice first?

Today, social media makes it easier to reach millions of prospective patients. With that comes a lot of competition. That’s why it is necessary to embrace social media marketing to maximize its fullest potential. 

Establishing a social media marketing plan for medical practices will vastly improve patient connection. You have a chance to display your thought leadership as a qualified and trusted professional. With every social platform you are on, you boost SEO for your practice. Additionally, you take advantage of all possible demographics who will be interested in your services. The more social media platforms medical practices are on, the more chances they have to provide useful content marketing. High-quality content boosts authority and engages patients.

Be a Thought Leader for your Medical Specialty Today

Putting effort into your practice’s social networks should be a part of any marketing strategy. Sometimes everything you need to grow awareness for your practice is right at your fingertips. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, we specialize in helping medical practices rise in the digital landscape. 

Facebook Marketing

  • Link your Facebook to your other social platforms
  • Embark on a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Anyone who likes your page gets regular notifications of your status updates
Today, Facebook has a lot of opportunities for businesses to boost success. Creating a Facebook page for your practice provides a place to communicate with patients. Grow your Facebook page fans, answer questions, and advertise any of your practice’s promotions.

Instagram Marketing

  • Get in touch with younger patients
  • Be a source of trust and authority
  • Show prospective patients what your practice promises
Dental, dermatological practices, and other healthcare professionals find much success on the visual platform. It’s the best place to distribute enhanced, rich content like before-and-after photos or educational videos about your services.

Linkedin Advertising

  • Create status updates for your practice
  • Advertise your practice
  • Find prospective patients and potential employees to add to your team
LinkedIn Marketing is made for brand visibility. Medical practices can build a following and establish connections with other practices and health professionals.

Dominate Social Media & Create Community Influence

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Build a Social Media Strategy

No matter what platform you’re on, your social marketing results depend on the tools you use, the effort you employ, and the time you invest. No matter where medical practices are, they must start with a social media marketing plan. Set up your main objective. 


Social media is abundant with opportunities to track and assess metrics. With follows, fans, shares, likes, comments, and so on, you can visibly see the impact of your social media marketing plan. Monitor the traffic to your medical practice social media, what marketing measures are excelling, and track ROI across platforms with our performance reports.


Marketing tactics can take several weeks to reveal a true impact. Along with real-time metrics, we analyze and evaluate how well you are doing with monthly reports. This information allows us to edit and improve your strategy.


The best way to attract prospective patients is to deliver useful, delightful content about your field of expertise. Our skilled writers can curate engaging and consistently valuable content. Publishing content at least once a week the main recommendation for social media content strategy.

Why Choose Us

At Practice Tech Solutions, we are experts in curating a digital presence for medical practices. As per the name, we join together the beauty of tech and the fundamental value of managing a small healthcare practice. That means we specialize in anything digital, including social media marketing, for boosting medical practices in the modern age. 

How We Do It

We promise high-value digital experience for both your practice and your patients. By combining our knowledge of social media trends, we provide up-to-date, speedy solutions to propel medical practices into success. 

We pride ourselves on strategy. That’s why we use evidence-based models to guide your social media marketing plan. 

To develop clear objectives for medical practices, we set SMART goals: 

SpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevant, and Time-specific. Anyone can do social media – but not everyone does it right. To maximize social media marketing for your medical practice, we help you make quantifiable goals that can be tracked. Whether your specific goal is to broaden your leads or increase brand awareness, we ensure that it is realistic and consistent with your practice’s vision. Finally, we establish a goal time-frame to achieve these goals.

Social Media Marketing 2 Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

We use the SOSTAC model to drive medical practices into motion.

As a success-based model widely used in all types of marketing, it provides structure to the strategy. 

Social media is a broad landscape, and medical practices benefit best from a focused approach using SOSTAC. From decision making to execution, we put effort into every step of your social media marketing process.

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Ready to see your practice grow on social media?

Our Methodology

We aim to help practices run to take advantage of the digital arena. That’s why we utilize the RACE model for continual improvement to your strategy. As a practice, you must focus on these four areas that will sustain success on social media. 

Social Media Marketing 4 Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

Find out how social media can unlock the potential for your practice.

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