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You will find resources here in our client center. As you are getting started with us, or if you need support with any of our services.

Client Center

Client Center

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Client Center

Getting Started

We have compiled resources if you are trying to provide access to us on your profile accounts on Google My Business, Facebook, IG, Analytics etc.

Client Center

Discovery Process

Before we can do justice to building a plan to achieve your business goals, we need a way for us to know more about you and what you are set out to do.

Client Center

Support & Change Requests

Site issues, problems, errors we made, Change requests - Easy way to raise a support request so we can continue to support your evolving business needs.

Client Center

Most popular questions

There are some changes that you can make to your website yourself using our visual editor. If it has not been enabled on your account, please raise a support ticket and we will create a ticket and send you instructions on how to make minor changes to text/ pictures yourself.

We can add electronic forms for your site. HIPAA compliance is a big part of how we deliver the solution. We can also create automated electronic workflows so the forms get routed appropriately. All you need is to have a site hosted by us and signup for the HIPAA compliance plan. We will sign a BAA.

Access for analytics on your marketing metrics is setup and provided by your account manager. Please reach out to them directly.

GSuite for Business emails can be accessed by simply logging into your account using your business email/ password combination and accessing Google services directly.

HIPAA & Telehealth

Unfortunately No. More details available in article here

Not all Zoom plans are HIPAA compliant. Make sure you are signed up for Zoom for Healthcare plan and have executed a BAA with Zoom. For more information regarding this question please click here.

Only if you have taken the GSuite for Business (paid) plan and executed a BAA with Google. Free plans are not HIPAA compliant.

The answer varies on the definition of easy. EMR’s offer integrated telehealth modules – many practices find that easy. Lot of practices value simplicity of a familiar tool like Google Meet, while some prefer a custom solution for their practice.

Client Center

Help & Support

Need to get through to a real person?  Reach out through a phone call. Always available and here to answer any questions you may have.

You can also submit a detailed change request by filling out the form  or simply emailing us.


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