Video Marketing

Videos improve Conversion.

Statement of fact based on well researched & established data.

digital marketing for a dental practice

Video Marketing

Video's about your practice for your website

Introduction about your Practice

Help turn those web visitors into patients! It’s important to let future patients know about your practice. These days people would rather watch a video than to read about your practice. If you feel camera shy, no problem! We can also take video footage of what your facility/office looks like. Who works with you, procedures and show case any  special equipment that might be used!

introduction about yourself

Let patients know who you are and the services you provide. Educate current patients on important topics. Also, this could be a great way to attract new patients by letting them get to know you a bit before their first visit.

Video Marketing

Video Services

Which video would you like for your website? Testimonial from patients, intro about yourself and practice?

Video Marketing 3 Video Marketing Video Marketing

Patient Testimony

Let your patients talk about their experiences. 

Video Marketing 4 Video Marketing Video Marketing

Doctor & Practice

Key physician in the practice and who they are.

Video Tour
Of Practice

Put patients at ease by letting them have a glance at your practice before their fist visit! 

Video Marketing 5 Video Marketing Video Marketing

Procedure or
Equipment Video

Introduce any new procedures or special equipment used at your practice.

Video Marketing 6 Video Marketing Video Marketing

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