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Medical Practice Marketing Illinois 2022

Comprehensive Medical Practice Marketing Solutions

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Content Marketing

Strategy Planning, Monthly Performance Review, and Optimization included. Original article publishing which ties in with your marketing strategy. Articles which improves engagement.

Website & UX

Its not just about a nice, clean, modern website. Our websites are thought through - every word deliberated and designed to help optimize end user experience. Pages designed for a high conversion.

medical seo
Medical SEO

There are many ways to stay on top of your game and one way is through SEO. With this, you'll ensure that patients find you when they need care which can result in increased revenue as well!

Strategy & Branding

Building a unique brand identity that helps you recall with your target audience is critical. From the logo design, and color schemes to choose from across all of our websites and signages - but more than just those things- we need people who can explain what makes them different too!

Online Reputation Management

Positive reviews are the biggest determinant of people wanting to click on a service provider. 98% of reviews left online are positive. We make sure that the statistics is on your side.

Digital Advertising – PPC Ads

Search Ads on Google & Bing, Display Remarketing Ads to help with the funnel conversion. Top of the funnel generation on Facebook & Instagram. Cosmetic services ads on Instagram & Facebook tied with your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

It is not just making a post - it is about a cohesive strategy which provides similar message across all your communication outlets. We design and title social media posts that provide highest level of engagement within your online community.

Directory & Listing Management

Correctly setup your business listings and locations in Google, Bing & Apple Maps. Claim your listing at the more popular directories but also make sure your listing information is available to internet data aggregators.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is an effective way to let your patients know who you are and what services you provide. It can also be used as advertising for new clients, showing them first-hand accounts of previous owners' experiences with their treatment plan in order convince others that this choice could work well too!

Email Marketing

The key to a successful medical practice is patient retention. By sending out newsletters or emails on behalf of your practice weekly or monthly, you can increase the number of people who remember what it was like when they first contacted you. Solidify your reputation as a trusted source of information!

Medical Practice Marketing Template

Looking for a comprehensive checklist of how you should market your practice.

How does Medical Practice Marketing Work?

Value Goals for Small & Mid-sized Healthcare Providers

Medical Practice Marketing does not have to be a large blind investment, especially if you are not convinced it will deliver a good ROI. Our partnership approach makes sure we build out your marketing engine as a step function.

Discovery Session

We sit down (virtually) and conduct a session which goes over your practice, your vision and key areas for growth.

Marketing Strategy
& Content Rollout Plan

We will establish an overall strategy with KPI's and goals for marketing. We will also create a supplemental content creation and marketing plan which ties in to the overall marketing strategy.

Ongoing Measurement
& Optimization

Analytics and custom reporting is complimentary for all our clients. We bring the rigor of monthly performance reviews and make sure the marketing is always in lockstep with your practice goals and vision.


How it works

Cutting-edge data visualization at your fingertips.

Web based online dashboards provide visual analysis of your key marketing metrics – all in one place. It was never easier to stay in control of your business – it will make you wish everything else was so easy!

Medical SEO Agency

Why choose us?

As a healthcare marketing agency, we understand the unique needs of your practice. We can help you attract new patients and grow your business with our comprehensive digital marketing services specialized in medical practices. 

With our understanding of the healthcare industry, we are able to provide you with access and insights that other digital agencies may not. Our expertise lies in lead generation all the way through billing & credentialing – which means no one can offer what we do! 

Nowadays, focusing on what you want is more important than ever. We can help with that by handling all aspects of your medical practice marketing, so you don’t need to worry about anything else but healing or serving the community!

We develop strategies grounded in complex numbers and concrete performance metrics with a data-driven marketing approach. Our team has years of experience in strategic planning and management, showing you exactly how much profit you can expect to generate with our strategies.  

Whether you’re looking for lead generation or client acquisition campaigns, our data-centric approach gives us the insight we need to craft targeted strategies that get accurate results. So, look no further than Practice Tech Solutions if you want to see the return on investment from your marketing efforts. 

We offer a full range of medical practice marketing services. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your goals. 

As a leading consulting firm with many years of experience working with behavioral and medical practices, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in helping our clients succeed. Our team knows what it takes to reduce the time to win, establishing benchmarks for each client based on their unique needs and goals.  

Whether you are struggling with rapidly rising patient demand due to increased media exposure or want to grow your practice through innovative marketing campaigns, we can help by providing expert advice and tailored solutions designed to get results.  

So, if you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, trust us as your trusted partner on the journey towards achieving long-term success and growth. 

Don't push people where you want to be; meet them where they are!

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