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The Subtle Art of Awareness Based Selling

Provide awareness to promote your services & products. Smart digital signage solution for medical practices solutions that doesn’t break the bank.

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No Complex Setup

All you need is a Roku or Amazon Firestick, an internet connection and your favorite big screen display.

Web Based Management

Control the content and schedule of each display. Customize by time of the day, by room or area to provide customized content to be displayed

Fully Automated

Automatically link your twitter, Instagram feeds, add weather widget to provide live weather information. (Pro package)

Digital Signage For Medical Companies

Why you should consider Digital Signage for your medical or dental practice?

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Provide Awareness And They Will Buy

Content shared through your digital platforms is meant to engage, entertain, and educate your audience. Use the messaging so it provides a reason for your clients to buy.

Easy to Update Messaging

Flu season, seasonal allergy index high? Sports physicals coming up? Local news incident which can be a good platform for awareness? Possibilities are endless.

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Decreased Cost of Marketing

No need to order largeprints and brochures or signage. Digital media is renewable and provides higher engagement.

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Information Kiosks

Use displays to help guide patients. Larger facilities can use it to provide patient, doctor, and room number information. Interactive kiosks can play videos about a service or a procedure they are curious about.

Digital Signage for Medical Practices

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