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PPC for Medical Practices

We build & optimize online ads to maximize your RoI

Pay per Click, Display advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin that get you more patients and clients in the door.

Advertising that scales with you

The biggest benefit of PPC ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on it.

With CPC as low as $3 for the Healthcare industry – you can start really small and scale gradually to achieve your growth numbers.

Simple Setup, Live Reporting

Our experience is in building campaigns that perform and get local patients in the door.

We offer simplicity in execution even when we build multi location, multi service campaigns.

Ongoing Optimization

Internet is ever evolving, with Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram all constantly changing the way they let advertisers use their platform.

We optimize your ads to keep them in top shape on a daily basis.

PPC for medical practices

How to attract more patients with PPC?

PPC for Medical Practices 1 PPC for Medical Practices PPC for Medical Practices

Setup Correctly

The fastest way to get more patients is to get visibility when they search for someone like you. We specialize in working with medical practices - we are not just another marketing agency. So when it comes down to setting up your campaign to maximize conversions, we know the tricks of the trade.

PPC for Medical Practices 2 PPC for Medical Practices PPC for Medical Practices

Pick the right Media

While Google is the dominating search engine service on the planet, it is not the best platform to advertise when you maybe looking to reach higher income, slightly older age group audience. Hint: The answer is Bing.

PPC for Medical Practices 3 PPC for Medical Practices PPC for Medical Practices

Wordsmith & Creative Copywriting

If you launch an ad campaign, it is easy to get lost with building 100 different copies of ads based on what people search for. It is also important to make sure that the sales/ click funnel sees the right/ appropriately titled message till the point they are ready to come into the clinic.

PPC for Medical Practices 4 PPC for Medical Practices PPC for Medical Practices

High Conversion Landing Pages

It takes anyone arriving on your page to decide within 3 seconds if the page has the content they came looking for. Most of the campaigns lose the ability to convert because of poor landing page designs. We build highly effective landing pages which facilitate better conversion rates on your campaign.

PPC for Medical Practices 5 PPC for Medical Practices PPC for Medical Practices

Measure Conversions

We setup the analytics, search console and conversion goals so they can be measured and analyzed on a daily basis. here is no better way to bring improvement than have the ability to fine tune the numbers on a ongoing basis. As confident we all are in our beliefs, having the ability to run AB tests to validate approaches that work better than others, helps us in getting optimization results for you faster.

We have driven real results for medical practices, ask us for a free proposal.

PPC for medical practices

Why is PPC important for medical practices?

PPC is Pay for Results Only

There is no cost for showing ads, only when someone clicks on them. Healthcare CTR is at 3%, with the average cost per lead at around $60 - a great value for a lifetime customer.

More Patients are searching Online

With the viral pandemic pushing for telehealth, a large number of patients are searching online. Everyone turns to a browser for an answer - make sure you show up when they search.

Patients are looking for super specialists

Patients are much more likely to go out of network and pay additional fees when they find a specialist they are looking for.

Want to know how effective PPC is for medical practices?

Get Guaranteed Results in weeks, not months!

$150 Credit for new Google Ads customers!

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SEO helps you get found when people search on internet. A better ranking means you can create reputation for specific services. Like “vaccine friendly doctor” or “carpal tunnel specialist”

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83% of people look up reviews online before they engage with any practice. Getting more positive reviews for your practice makes it more likely for people to come and be your long term client. It also improves your SEO.

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Online advertising is a great way to get new patients - Best of all - You only pay if someone clicks on your Ad.

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