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Medical Content Writing Service

We deliver exceptional results thanks to our highly experienced content writers and the use of our proprietary quality methodology.

Does your marketing strategy need Content?

Quality Content Drives successful Marketing Strategy

Lets face it, healthcare services are competitive. It is becoming harder to rank high in local SEO – to continue to be the voice that talks about the next significant thing. 

Writing medical content is a little different than writing a travel blog. We understand the need for the article to stay objective, opinions are great but need to be tempered, data & facts are the basis of information  and sources should always be double checked for validity – just like a scientific process.

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Medical Content Writing Service

Top Signs you need to hire a medical content writer

If any of these are true – definitely think about hiring a content writing service

not enough time

Not Enough TIME

You already juggle 20 different things and you are finding it hard to prioritize writing that perfect article.

high volume of content

High Volume OF Content

You have an active marketing strategy but not enough content to back it up. Across blogs, email outreach, weekly newsletter, the script for an upcoming video....yeah its a lot!

Medical Content Writing Service 1 Medical Content Writing Service Medical Content Writing Service

Refresh Content

Its like spring cleaning for your website! It helps in SEO but you have to go through non performing blogs, remove them, focus on high performance keywords and rewrite them to keep ahead of the rankings.


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Why Choose our medical Content writing service

Medical content that we write will set you apart – literally. All our content is guaranteed plagiarism free.

Attention seeking content


Not your cliche headings but catchy enough to attract the right attention

Readable content


Not a wall of text or complex hard to understand words. Most of our news articles will pass the Flesch-Kincaid Readability target score of 50 or lower.

Content Storyline


Has a start, a meaty middle and an end – otherwise it is hard to keep people reading

Medical Content Writing Service 2 Medical Content Writing Service Medical Content Writing Service

Well Researched

Research to establish the right facts, have sources compiled and add quantitative metrics to make it more credible

formatted for web

Formatted for Web

On a web page, It cannot be just a good story, if it is not laid out correctly – with the right widgets, images and infographics

SEO content

SEO Optimized

We benchmark the keyword for the top 10 posts on the web and structure additional headings, supplementary keywords to help the content rank better

High quality, customized content services

What Medical Content Services do we provide

It is no secret that content is king. And the secret to better search engine rankings are high quality, original content. 

  • Website Pages
  • High Conversion Landing Pages
  • Article Writing
  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Case Study
  • Video Script
  • Research Papers
  • Press Release
  • Email Marketing 
  • Marketing & Research Surveys
  • Patient Education

Our approach to content writing

How do we provide consistent, top quality Medical Content Writing Services

It is difficult to meet expectations of writing a content if we don’t take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for. We have taken the mystery and suspense out of the process. Our process amkes sure we capture your requirements very clearly – on a consistent basis.

Discovery Phase
Step 1
We start with understanding your goals with the content. What is it for, what keywords, topics are your goals. Is there a brand involved that needs to be referenced. What is the tone you are looking for?
Discovery Phase
Offline Research Phase
Step 2
Our team does a comprehensive analysis on keyword, competitive ranking of similar KW content and comes up with an outline of additional content we will need to 'enrich' the requested content with.
Offline Research Phase
Content Writing Phase
Step 3
Our expert content writers are selected based on your goals and their skill set - marketing copywriting for a landing page or a medical research article or simple blog post.
Content Writing Phase
Quality Checks
Step 4
All the content written goes through a series of checks including proof reading, check for readability using Flesch-Kincaid readability Test, SEO scoring (if applicable) and most importantly - plagiarism check.
Quality Checks
Client Delivery & Adjustments
Step 5
Final content is delivered and in case there are any changes required - those are completed free of charge for our clients.
Client Delivery & Adjustments


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Get your first trial article for $49 only!

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