Measure. Improve. Repeat.

Marketing Performance Reports

Setting & Achieving growth is hard. We make the process easy by consolidating marketing performance at one place – visual graphs which don’t require a statistical wizard to understand.

Complimentary for all our Clients.

Marketing Performance Reports

How can Reporting help your practice?

Measure Winning Content

What pages, blogs, articles do well. How much traffic did they get? How much traffic is coming from social media posts?

Landing Page Conversion

Understand which pages are converting better, run A/B tests to find winning attributes

Social Media Management

Who are your biggest fans? How engaged is your community? What demographics is your client base? Create a target audience based on your current follower base look alike.

Track RoI across Channels

Investment goes into writing blog posts, social media posts, graphics, videos etc. Track your RoI by channel - so you can take steps to invest more in what works and improve what is not working.

How it works

Improve Operations

  • The main concept is to collect and 
    use your practice data to improve your operations.
  • Analytics will improve the experience of your 
    practice with patients and create new dynamics.
  • Using analytics can create material that 
    is of interest to prospective patients.

"You can’t improve what you don’t measure." - W. Edwards Deming

There’s no doubt that company analytics have 
changed organizational structures and how they work. 
What makes industry analytics stand out is that 
it can be applied in variety of ways.


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Get Reports

In using sophisticated tools and
state-ofthe art machine learning algorithms, 
predictive analysis gives your practice the ability to distinguish crucial knowledge.

Monthly Marketing Performance Overview

When you use our advanced analytics system.

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