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Rajat Bhatnagar
Managing Partner, Founder

Rajat has over 20 years experience in managed services – setting up, scaling and delivering performance in teams with thousands of people across the globe.  He has worked and managed teams in United States, Philippines, India, Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Ireland and United Kingdom. Rajat has managed services for companies in Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance and High Tech Industries.

The service at Practice Tech Solutions was founded on two key principles:

  1. Extend the same level of professional service that large corporations can deploy easily (because they have scale) – which means invest in quality, technology, training, skilled resources but allocate the cost proportionately to the service – what we call as Fractional Shared Services Model
  2. Connected technology – There is an innovation explosion in what applications and point solutions are available in the marketplace. We partner with companies who have already built some amazing technology and bring it together to solve a business problem in the context of our customers.

Combined, we believe we offer incredible advantage and value to our customers in the marketplace today. 

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Growth Solutions

Check Options & Prices: Website built to your specs - we do the work, at DIY prices.
Search Engine Optimization to help you get found on the internet. great way to increase patient volume.
Leverage Google Ads, Remarketing, Facebook and Social Media posts to boost marketing and improve patient referrals.
Leverage Google Ads, Remarketing, Facebook and Social Media posts to boost marketing and improve patient referrals.
TV Displays running marketing messages for your existing patients. Great way to cross and up sell.

Patient Experience Solutions

Don't let bad reviews ruin your reputation - work with us to build a positive brand image and improve your ratings.
Stand alone custom branded service to have your patients come in and fill patient forms online. Delivered to your email or Dropbox as PDF documents. HIPAA compliant.
PC, Server, Network Troubleshooting & Maintenance.
Ways to reach us.
Practice Tech Existing customers self service portal
Practice Tech Existing customers self service portal
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