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8 Ways Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Healthcare Practice

Digital signage for your practice. Is it right for you?

If you haven’t heard of digital signage before, then let me be the first tell you that it is a great tool that can be used to inform and engage patients and co-workers. Digital signage is a wonderful and cost-effective solution to help market and inform patients of your practice. But what is it exactly? Digital signage is a collection of media display screens around your healthcare office to help your staff, create an engaging patient experience, improve wellness programs, and build a healthier and more efficient work environment.

These days, screens are everywhere, from phones to TVs at restaurants and digital signs of highways. There is no doubt that technology and screens have become a part of our living lives. As we become more accustomed to a digitized environment, digital signage plays a more critical role for companies. Workforces in multiple locations benefit from a centrally controlled network for content distribution, and old communication tools are replaced with new, smarter technologies.

The real question is, is digital signage right for you and your practice?

Digital signage reflects – a timely information solution. It can be a very cost-effective and accessible marketing tool that should not be ignored. Many people seem to overlook that it can be an effective and innovative solution for improving the way information is disseminated in the hospital, waiting rooms, and lobby. It is a tool that can be used to inform patients on specific details.

8 Ways Digital Signage Can Benefit Healthcare Practice​

Promote New Services and Sales

  • If you are a dentist or a medical spa, you can showcase new featured services that your clinic is now offering to patients. Catch patients’ eyes by showing before and after images of services, as well as new sales and promotions with some graphics.

Share the Necessary Information and Policies Regarding Insurance

  • If you’ve recently had a change in your current policies, make sure patients are reminded by viewing them on your digital signage screen. 

Spotlight Seasonal Wellness Tips

  • If it’s allergy season in your area, you can showcase tips on how to manage those seasonal allergies. Remind on the importance and correct way of handwashing. Especailly these days with so many people catching the dreaded Coronavirus.

Provide Updates and Health-Related News

  • If you have a busy clinic where wait times are longer than normal, you can help ease the wait time by showcasing new and related news about your practice or other related news.

Fill in a List of Planned Wait Times

  • Again, if your clinic is experiencing high wait times, adding a waitlist to the signage would be helpful in letting your patients know how soon they will be seen.

Doctor Biographies, Photographs, and Other Materials Related to the Workers of the Clinic

  • You can also update patients and a new doctor, therapist, dentist, or colleague. Give a small bio with an image of them. Inform your patients about who’s new in the office.

Add your Clinics Twitter and Facebook Updates

  • If you have a trending article on your social network, display it on your digital signage screen. If you’ve just posted a new blog or video and it’s now live on your Facebook or twitter, let people know!

Save Money on new Sign Printing

  • Also, digital signage can help reduce the cost of sign printing.

Is digital signage right for you?

We hope so because there is so much information that can be broadcasted through digital signage. It’s a great way to promote inside of your clinic to patients in the waiting room. If you think digital signage is right for you, then contact us today! We give cost-effective, practice signage solutions that provide a customized opportunity to educate your patients. Let us help you educate today!

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