7 Important Questions to Ask About Medical Spa Website Design That Tells You Everything You Need to Know

7 important questions to ask about medical spa website design that tells you everything you need to know

1. What is a medical spa website design, and why do I need it?

In a world where an organization’s online presence is becoming more important than word-of-mouth referrals from family and friends, it is vital that websites are designed correctly to attract, retain, and convert visitors from viewers to paying clients. That is why medical spa website design is so crucial to the survival and flourishing of the business.
Medical spa web design differs from other website designs, and certain factors need to be addressed to keep the visitor engaged. The psychological elements that play a subconscious role in the potential client’s decision-making process are pretty complex but fascinating non the less.
Let’s investigate and reveal how appropriate medical spa website design could lead to both client growth and improve trust in your organization.

2. How to create an effective website for my medical spa business that will grow my business?

Imagine you went shopping in New York. Your eyes catch something in the clean, beautiful display window, and you decide to go inside. Once you enter the bright and cozy shop, you are greeted by friendly, helpful staff that can answer all your questions. While you are browsing, you also hear other customers talking about the exceptional quality of the items.
Now imagine another shop selling the same items, but it has tiny dirty windows you have to look through to see what is inside. You decide to enter, but you have to walk up cracked stairs and through a broken door. Once inside the dimly lit shop, you find that you are the only customer, and apart from the distracted cashier, there is nobody else to help you.
From which shop would you rather want to buy and return to?
The same principles apply to your website. If the client isn’t greeted by beautiful aesthetics, well-presented services, available help, and testimonials from others, then they won’t hang around for too long and most probably will never return either.
Now that you understand the need for an effective medical spa website design let’s dig a little deeper into the details of a spa website.

3. What are some of the most important elements of a successful medical spa website design?

  • Visual presentation 

Visual content is key for those first impressions of your website. You need to ensure that you have high-quality, relevant imagery that would immediately seize the attention of the visitor.  

The popularity of video overtook photos and text a long time ago as it provides access to more information in a shorter amount of time. Clients want the relevant information they need as fast as possible, and a video upon entering is a great way to anchor their attention. 

  • Layout 

For medical spa website designs, you need to consider that the browsing experience should resemble that of your service. In other words, keep the client’s comfort a top priority. They should feel relaxed and relieved that they found what they were looking for instead of stressed and lost.  

Providing a clear layout of your services in a logical manner, with enough spacing to reduce stress on the eyes, is vital to keep your visitor comfortable for longer. Arranging, spacing, and not overloading the visitor with information is what will keep them browsing on your site. 

  • Navigation 

Navigation goes hand in hand with the layout. If the layout is cluttered and confusing, then the navigation would be as well. The services that you provide should be displayed clearly, and navigating through them should be easy for the consumer. 

Make sure that the architecture around it resembles that of a modern shopping mall and not the hallways of Hogwarts.  

  • Responsiveness 

Webpages that take too long to load or return an error message are the eject buttons for consumers to get out of your website as soon as possible. But what is even more important, is to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. That means that your visitors should be able to see and do the same on a mobile device such as a cellphone or tablet, then they would be able to do on their desktops.  

According to research conducted by HubSpot, 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site. A study from Nectafy showed that 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile phone end up in a call or in-person visit within 24 hours.  

Needless to say, the mobile responsiveness of your website is something that can’t be ignored.  

  • Building Trust and Social Proof 

The street-smart of the average consumer has drastically increased over the past decade. They are more suspicious and less susceptible to being fooled by glitter and glamour alone. They demand social proof- testimonials from other customers relating to the quality of products or services. 

Make sure that the client sees the testimonials, either text or video, from other clients. It will instill trust in the viewer and convince them subconsciously to continue browsing or take the next step and become a client.  

  • Communication 

The viewer should be able to communicate freely but be careful not to become a nuisance on your site. You want to retain the prospect with your marketing funnel, and many websites use a pop-up subscription page and help dialogue boxes within a few seconds after entering the website. 

Remember, as we said earlier, you want your website to mimic the experience your client will feel at your spa- relaxing and regenerating. Bombarding them with demands to contact you or sign up won’t do the trick. 

Some wellness websites wait for the user to click on a particular section first. That shows that they are interested in learning more, allowing the subscription option or dialogue box to appear for the visitor’s convenience.  

  • Helpful Content 

Helpful content is a way to keep visitors on your site for longer and is a valuable tool for increasing credibility. Most importantly, it will help improve your search results ranking if done correctly. But we will talk more about search engine optimization (SEO) shortly.  

4. What are some common mistakes made during the design process?

The most common mistake made during the process of spa website design is applying a boilerplate methodology to the design. Your medical spa business and how you do things are unique, and so should your website.  

A thorough investigation of your unique selling propositions should be the back image from which your web design is traced. Only through this process can functionality and aesthetics meet in such a way that it represents your business in a way that would best resonate with potential clients. 

On the same level as the mistake mentioned above is the lack of attention to SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to get your website on the top of the search engine results. You could have the most visually pleasing website with all the bells and whistles in the right place, but if your website is not optimized for search engines, it will remain down on the list of search results.

5. How much does a medical spa website design cost, and what’s included in the price tag?

You get what you pay for. Nothing stops you from creating a free website on one of the many web design platforms out there. But there are certain pitfalls to consider before doing so. In one of our previous articles, we discussed the ups and downs of one of the most prominent do-it-yourself web design platforms, and it is well worth a read. 

From here on up, the prices vary, and again, you get what you pay for. At the lower end of the spectrum when hiring professionals, you can expect to pay anything from $2000 to $10,000 depending on the size, functionality, etc. That would only be the initial setup fee and doesn’t include additional ongoing services. 

Beyond the initial fee, you can subscribe to services on a monthly basis that would include things like hosting, changes to the site, updating SEO, additional content, competitor analysis, etc. Depending on the range of services and the company’s reputation, it could start from $300 per month and go deep into the thousands.

6. What are the benefits of working with a professional web designer to create my medical spa website?

We mentioned right at the beginning the psychology surrounding web design and how that influences consumer behavior. Let’s stray away from all the science behind clickthrough rates, scrolling tempos, reading patterns, etc., and just focus on something simple- color. 

To illustrate this, what colors pop up in your mind when you think of fast-food restaurants? Red or maybe even yellow, right? What color pops in your mind when you see the words The Oscars? Most likely, it was gold or black.  

Color plays an essential part in linking our minds to specific experiences or expectations and evoking emotions. Web designers specialize in psychological magic and know how to design the site to best appeal to a particular target market.  

They are also specialists when it comes to designing your website in such a manner that is optimized for search engines. This brings us to our next point… 

7. How can I track the success of my medical spa website after launch?

Numerous analytical tools at your disposal will help you track traffic, time spent, click rates, etc. on your website. Suppose you are a novice in this area. In that case, it may take you a considerable amount of time to master these analytical tools and understand the statistics properly. Once understood, how do you improve it? 

We’ll need a dedicated article to explain the strategies you can use to improve the functionality and success of your website. It is really intricate, and the learning curve is steep. It is time-consuming and not easy to master. 

But there is another option… 

Find a professional partner with a sterling reputation that can side with you right from the start and continue the journey of creating and maintaining websites and digital marketing that will provide successful growth for your company. 

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