Boosting Practice Efficiency

Boosting Practice Efficiency

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Research has shown patients spend over 20 minutes filling out paper forms.

Research has shown patients spend over 20 minutes filling out paper forms. Often this leads to other patient delays and typographical errors. 2020 is a new generation, and with January already in the past, why not continue into the year by boosting your practice’s efficiency by saving time using online fillable intake forms.

Boosting Practice Efficiency

Moving with the trends

Online fillable forms are a great way to show patients that you’re up the trends and care about the environment by reducing waste. Patients spend so much time filling out forms in the waiting room. Not to mention all the materials that go into the supply of having printed fillable forms. Restocking ink cartridges and having to manage all the paper forms is wasted cost and time. Staff also has to spend much wasted time verifying and checking information before a patient is seen, which leads them to spend more time in waiting rooms. Paper forms lead to a lot of error that also leads to staff checking and verifying all while the patient waits to be seen by their doctor. By having them fill out forms ahead of time, you or a colleague can go over the information ahead of time and contact the patient if errors occur. By using online forms, patients are also able to upload a copy of their insurance plan verifying their insurance.

Online fillable forms help to save a lot of time spent filling out countless information in the waiting room if your patient has already set an appointment with your clinic then why not have them fill out the much-needed forms on their own time at their own convenience before the scheduled date. Over 87% of patients can fill out forms online, regardless of age or computer background. Online fillable forms can be updated and modified at any time. This saves time while keeping your information accurate and up-to-date

Boosting Practice Efficiency
Boosting Practice Efficiency 1 Boosting Practice Efficiency Boosting Practice Efficiency

How to get started

At Practice Tech Solutions, we make it easy for you to add online intake forms as a service. We can create and modify the forms at your request. If you have any updates or modifications, we are here to make those changes as soon as you request them. We make it easy for patients to view forms on either phone, tablet, or computer. Save time by allowing your patients to fill out HIPAA compliant online forms containing medical or other sensitive information before their appointment.
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