Your Behavioral Health Practice Marketing Strategy: How to Find + Help Children Who Suffer From Pandemic Depression

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Children Who Suffer From Pandemic Depression

Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome.

Is there any one of us who doesn’t remember the stings of our childhood?

Bullying. Feeling ostracized. Alone. Not accepted for who we were or who we wanted to become.

Feeling like our problems were so big that they couldn’t possibly be solved by anyone-ever.

I’ll wager that it’s those experiences that helped shape who you grew up to become and why you wanted to help children with their mental health struggles now.

You know what it’s like not to feel understood as a kid.

  1. You know what it feels like to have your hormones charging in opposite directions while trying to hold it together and make sense of it all.

    And you know what it’s like to be caught in the middle between those you love and those who have tumultuous relationships with each other. The struggle of trying to stay out of the way and trying to become invisible.

    But we’re in a new world now. One that today’s adolescents have to endure while still going through the heartaches of childhood. In a pandemic world, fear is charged up to level ten and today’s kids are worried that those they love are going to die and leave them on this Earth alone.

That’s a lot for children to deal with on a daily basis. Hell, that’s a lot for any adult to contend with, much less a child.

Which is why you know you want to help children who suffer from pandemic depression not feel so afraid. You want them to understand that some of what they’re experiencing is normal, teenage “stuff.” And the parts that aren’t “normal?” Well, that’s what you’re here to help them with too.

Because you know firsthand what your childhood was like and how difficult it was to relate to your parents. Maybe your parents fought as you could hear them through the walls of your bedroom trying to ignore the feeling of not feeling safe at home. And perhaps you didn’t feel safe at school either.

You also know now on the other side and having survived it, how much pain you could have avoided if you had help from someone like yourself.

You understand the slippery uncertainty and fear when it feels like the walls of your mind are closing in, and you don’t know that you have options. As a kid, the only outlook you could see felt dim and all you wanted to do was to escape the pain. Now as an adult, you’ve gained wisdom, perspective and experience. You’re using those qualities to help children who need to resolve their depression, suicidal ideations and an entire range of mental health challenges.

There has been an explosion in the need for children’s mental health care due to the pandemic, yet nearly 2/3 children aren't receiving the support they need.

Why do you think that is? Not enough providers? No insurance coverage in the home for children to get the treatment they need? Parents not reaching to get help for their children because they don’t know they need help?

Whatever the reason, you know that time is crucial to intervene and help children deal with the pressures of pandemic depression. It’s time to figure out where they are and how to connect with them because YOU are who they need to help them.

You are the you, you wish you’d had. That’s why it’s your mission to help children avoid the suffering you may have endured or witnessed, or help them over to the other side in healing.

You make a difference to a child who needs an end to their suffering

There are two sobering paths that a child can choose when faced with pandemic depression. They can look out into the blackness and see only suicide, self-mutilation, or depression. Or they can become a well-adjusted and successful human being. As you know, the intervention a child receives can often determine which path they choose. So your job– your entire mission– saves children’s lives.

One person can pivot a child’s path forever. You are that person.

The fact that you understand firsthand the pain of being an adolescent who has experienced a loss of control only to grow up and choose the path of helping other children makes you the perfect professional to make a huge difference to the lives of children living through this pandemic.

Infographic about children who suffer from pandemic depression

But what happens to the children if you don’t know how to find them?

Brutal truth? The children don’t get better. More suicides, more self-harm, more addictions to drugs and alcohol and a higher increase in crime and ruined lives. The effects of the pandemic wins. And that’s not a resolution that you’re willing to even entertain.

So where are the children who need your help?

Your personal experiences drive your mission. That’s what you have to share with your patients. That’s how you affect change. So, in order to find the children who need your help you need to find their parents. When you’re focused on marketing your practice online, where do parents of children with pandemic depression hang out? One method would be to make a list of places where you think they might be, i.e., social media groups, forums, blogs, etc.

You could certainly do that but keep something in mind– when are you going to have time to market your business by yourself?
You still have to manage the patients you have while making room for new incoming patients and then manage the daily operations of your practice. Where will you find the time to market your business?

A better option

You have a clear plan for how to help your patients. You have the ability to articulate what your patients are feeling and mirror it back to them so they feel heard and understood. This is your zone of genius and you do your job well.

But if you aren’t a marketing professional then you may find it difficult to know where you should begin. Spending time trying to learn only takes away from the momentum you could have than if you partnered with a marketing team who can get you results much faster. Now don’t get me wrong, learning how to market your business is always a good idea. In fact, it’s the life blood of your practice if you want to keep finding patients to help, so by all means learn what you should do to attract patients.

But if you’re looking to get results sooner, then let us help you turn your online website into a magnet for drawing patients to your practice. In fact, let’s start with a chat and a consultation on your practice and how we can help you. You can reach us here.

Because time doesn’t stop for anyone. And for those children? Neither does the pain. You’re the only one who can bring your life experiences to help them.

Let us help you do that.

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