How To Find Healthcare Patients Who Are Actively Searching for A Provider

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Medical Practice Marketing

The internet can feel like a black hole abyss when you don’t understand how to use it for your practice. It’s like gliding around in a weightless, dark gelatinous mess unsure of which end is up. Worse, you pay money to feel this clueless. You may have a website up. And you may be forking over emerald paper every month to have somebody manage it for you, but right now it’s sitting there like a big, fat virtual business card. Doing nothing to draw a crowd. A street performer gets more leads than you do at this point.

It’s not for lack of trying. Oh no, you’ve plopped yourself in front of this virtual magic box plenty of times pulling up Google searches about medical practice marketing only to be faced with articles about how to DIY your entire marketing strategy, none of which you understand nor are inclined to execute.

Who has time for that?

Are you prepared to handle your patient load during the day, oversee the administrative tasks of your staff and stay up until a quarter past dead tired attempting to figure out how to draw new patients to your website just to save a few bucks that isn’t really saving anything because the time you’ve just sacrificed in the name of frugality you’ll never get back. Not to mention the results you’ll get (if any) won’t happen for at least another year and a half.

Of course not! You’re not an insane post-apocalyptic robot!

You know you want the biggest impact without hand-holding.

And you might not know much about online medical practice marketing, but you DO know that you want to find a way to capture the people who are searching in Google for a provider in your area and then funnel those potential new patients into your front doors. The problem is that you don’t have the foggiest first clue how to do that because you weren’t trained in medical practice marketing while learning the fundamentals of expressing prostatic secretions in medical school.

The key to understanding how to find new patients is to realize one simple truth-

A kick-ass online medical practice marketing strategy can single-handedly bring dream patients to you on autopilot.

Meaning that you don’t have to hover over your website to get people to come to you. You don’t have to worry or sneak past the fridge at three in the morning to check on how many people booked an appointment. It’s very possible for your small practice to have a giant impact on your community simply by tweaking your web presence to draw traffic toward you instead of chasing after it.

Because when all is said and done, here’s what it comes down to…

Service. You’ve known for some time that your life’s mission is to serve. It’s to heal patients and give families more time with each other. It’s to ease the pain of some and remedy the hurt in others. And sometimes? It’s simply being there to listen. Nothing feels as good as being heard by someone who cares. You know that in order to honor your life’s work, you need to grow your practice. Not simply for financial gain, but to give the community something they desperately need- your experience, care and original bedside manner.

A strong mission needs a stronger plan

In order to carry out your mission, you know you need a steel-reinforced plan. That means not just the blueprint, but the team of experts who are in your corner managing it on your behalf. You call the shots, they execute. And you need peace of mind that no helicopter management is required on your part. It’s the difference between running a mediocre practice and creating a healing center for multi-generational families. Delegating operational and administrative tasks are your strong suit. It’s time to exercise those skills.

What does that look like?

  • Utilizing a virtual assistant team to handle the overflow of administrative tasks that can’t be handled by your staff
  • Partnering with a medical billing management team who knows how to expertly stop any money links while ensuring all medical claims are being processed successfully without fear of audits or fraud allegations
  • Ensuring your practice is successfully represented online by a list of patient reviews that demonstrate your ability to give quality patient care
  • Making sure that your practice is turning up in search results by creating SEO content that draws attention to you

Leverage your time to help more people.

You save lives.

You make people feel better.

You heal people.

You give people back control over their lives.

You restore hope.

In all of those things where does it say you should be bogged down with executing your own marketing strategy? Sounds a little crazy, right? There’s simply too much in this world for you to use your expertise, education and talents to place your efforts in a field you know nothing about nor the desire to learn. You just want to see results, am I right?

You are in the business of being awesome.

Your job is to heal patients. You need a team to focus on bringing patients in so you can give them part of yourself in an effort to heal and to restore hope. You focus on what you do best and let the marketing experts focus on setting more patients in front of you. For every patient that doesn’t know you exist, there’s a new opportunity lost to improve their quality of life. And that’s not something you’re prepared to accept because you’re not accustomed to leaving any patient behind.

Don’t force patients to choose a provider who isn’t you.

Real talk: If things continue to go the way they’ve been going in your practice, then you’re headed for heavy financial troubles. What’s the cost of doing nothing? What’s going to happen if your community doesn’t know you exist? What’s going to happen if you don’t get this marketing thing figured out? They’ll go elsewhere, which won’t be as good as you. They won’t have a choice. And they won’t know how good they could have had quality care with you. But you’ll know. And that