Why your practice may need a new website

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Why your practice may need a new website

It is officially the year 2020, and what your website design looks like probably has more of an impact on your private practice than you think.

Make it mobile-friendly

According to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on their website design. If you haven’t updated your website within the last five years or so, there is a good chance your site could use an upgrade. More than 50% of mobile searches happen on mobile phones; your website needs to have a mobile responsive design. If your website is hard to navigate on a mobile device, then it is time to upgrade your site. Mobile responsive design is when the layout and content respond or adapt based on the size of the screen that is displayed on a screen. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on.

Jazz it up with new content

If your website has old material on it, then you may want to revamp your site for search engine optimization. Google continually changes its algorithms. SEO strategies used 5-10 years ago, probably no longer work. If your website’s search engine rankings are low, it’s time for a new website. When new patients are searching for potential practices, they may go with a clinic that appears at the top of the search. Google loves original, unique, high-quality content on a website. New fresh content on a website is critical.

Why your practice may need a new website

Site visits vs. new patients

If you are receiving site-visitation without receiving new patients, then it may be time to upgrade your site. If you’re not turning visitors into patients, then that could be a sign that your website is not benefitting them. Another reason is your site could be hard to navigate. Visitors often click away if links do not work correctly. If you have call-to-action buttons on your site that aren’t working or in an inconspicuous area of the page, then this could lead to people clicking off your site. Another reason could be that the navigation of your page layout is confusing. It’s always good to go back and view your website after some time to be sure everything is working correctly.

2015 vs 2020

Just like fashion trends, web design trends change too. What may have looked new and fresh five years ago could look outdated now. All the most popular platforms give themselves a revamp throughout the years. According to ResearchGate, 94% of people say that websites with good designs are to be trusted more. Your website could use a new design and maybe a new logo. You may be able to draw in more clients with fresh web design.

Slow to load

If your site is slow to load, then it may be time to upgrade that design. 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. With people doing more searches on phones these days, it’s best to make sure your design loads quickly on a mobile device.

Who’s website is better?

It is true what they say, first impressions do count, and if a potential client is on the search for a new doctor, therapist, or dentist, they may be stealing clients away. As stated above, websites with good design are to be trusted more.

If you fall under one of these categories, we can help. Our services offer up to date customized design, organic traffic through SEO, mobile response, call to action, and much more. We have worked with and personalized websites for several different private practices. Give us a call: 224-900-1110 or email: info@practicetechsolutions.

Why your practice may need a new website

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