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It’s like Google telling people you are the best in the field.

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Listing Management

Don’t miss a chance to be found by the patients searching for you online. Listings contribute up to 40 percent of the search engine and the directory results that make patients drive to your location.
The first thing people do before visiting a practitioner is to search for them online. Updating your services data, that is, the clinic’s name, address, and phone number (collectively known as “NAP” data) can enable clients to find you easily. We can use our strategies to ensure correct listings of your services, which can help you get new patients, make you rank higher, and help you list in the on all the renowned healthcare platforms.

Competition Research

Competition Research in SEO is a complex process. In order to make a website rank higher on Google, various steps are to be taken before you start seeing relevant results.
Performing SEO competition research refers to analyzing the competitor’s SEO strategies in order to augment your own efforts. From figuring the right competitors to researching their keywords to using the right tools to look for the keywords related to your practice, and applying the insights to boost your ranking, our expert team can help you with it all!

On Page SEO

The codes, images, and words that make up your website is on-site or on-page SEO. Various factors have an impact on it including the loading speed, type of content, mobile responsiveness, etc.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization is very important to keep patients engaged and go through your website easily. By posting the right images, helpful content, and all of it in a proper layout, it will increase the number of visitors as they can easily find whatever they’re looking for. Also, a website that is compatible with all the devices, and has a good loading speed, results in more audience viewing it.

Technical SEO

Structuring the website for regular visitors and for Google algorithms refers to the Technical SEO for medical and healthcare services. Proper optimization and high-quality content enable higher ranking.
By doing the complete keyword research, searching for the ones that are appropriate for your practice, and using them in the valuable content present on your website, will boost the engagement of visitors. We can help you through the entire Technical Search Engine Optimization, so when people search for related services, they land on your page.

Off Page SEO

It is what you use to draw in potential patients to your website and to focus on the targeted audience for the various healthcare services provided. A great technique to build brand awareness.
Our team can use the most effective Off-Page SEO strategies that will generate various benefits for your website like increased ranking, increased PageRank, which also means greater exposure, and more patients having trust in your services. Google wants to rank websites that demonstrate expertise on particular services, and with the right tools and techniques, we can help you achieve that.

Proven SEO Model

Our SEO model incorporates 13 unique steps while taking into account the current performance as well as expected targets to make sure your website keywords & meta tags stay up to date.

King of the Hill

Our King of the Hill strategy focuses on improving results for you in local geography of where you operate. That balances cost with performance.

Medical SEO 1 Medical SEO Medical SEO

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO not only optimizes rankings for your practice but also benchmarks and adjusts strategy based on what your local competition maybe doing.

Connected Links

There are so many other things that go into better rankings. Like more positive reviews, back linking, social media activity - Thankfully - we incorporate all those in our plan to make sure you stay on top.

Medical SEO

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Medical SEO

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