IT Support and website maintenance: How to keep the heart of healthcare digital healthy

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Living in a digital world requires staying connected and visible at all costs. Patients and potential patients rely predominantly on the internet to obtain information, and they expect to find what they are looking for, lightning fast. This forms part of any healthcare provider’s patient experience. IT support for practices needs to be vigilant at all times to uphold the practice’s patient experience.

Thanks to the trend of instant gratification gripping the globe, anxiety levels elevate extremely high when people’s expectations aren’t met. Below you will find some of the latest research regarding the consumer demands regarding loading times of websites.

IT Support for Healthcare
In this article, we will explore the vital role of healthcare IT Support and website support in supporting and boosting the patient experience at a healthcare practice.
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What is healthcare IT Support?

Healthcare IT support supports healthcare providers and helps them to thrive by keeping up with patient demands. This includes technological support to ensure all systems/processes are functioning adequately but also proactively offer non-patient-facing solutions such as for business management, compliance, and process optimization.

What is patient experience, and how important is it?

Patient experience includes a variety of interactions between patients and the healthcare system they are part of. These include health insurance companies, medical providers, non-clinical staff, etc. Several business process aspects contribute to the patient experience and include things such as quality of care received, access to information, communication platform options, response time, etc.

Understanding the patient experience is key to moving toward patient-centered care. By evaluating and monitoring the key aspects of patient experience, providers can determine a more holistic picture of the quality of care they provide.

The level of quality of patient experience will ultimately be exposed in public through reviews/testimonials. As we explained before, modern patient uses these reviews to support them in their decision-making process. Ultimately, the patient experience, converted to review/testimonial form, will foster or hamper the healthcare organization/provider’s growth potential.

How do healthcare IT support and healthcare website support influence the patient experience?

The previous section served as the foundation to allow us to illustrate how IT support and healthcare website support could influence the patient experience. We started of this article by mentioning the trend of instant gratification, which increases the service level expectations of the general population.

Example of a dissatisfied patient

Imagine a patient have been using the live chat function on their healthcare provider’s website to make get information, schedule appointments, etc. If the live chat function is experiencing technical difficulties for whatever reason, the client is now forced to go outside their comfort zone and use an alternative communication platform.

The patient chooses to call in but now has to wait and hold the line because the lines are busy. Immediately, the patient starts off on the wrong foot. Anything else from here on forward that could go wrong could potentially end up online in the form of a negative testimonial.

Having reliable IT support that monitors and resolve technical issues on the go could mitigate the risk of negative testimonials arising from technical difficulties.

5 Reasons why your practice needs reliable healthcare IT support from the start

You can reduce unnecessary expenditures, avoid security breaches, and cut time researching and sourcing the right hardware and software for your practice by heading down the right path from the start- a path is shown to you by expert IT professionals. Below you’ll find a summary of the reasons why it is wise to team up with a reliable IT support team.

Reduced downtime

With a reliable healthcare IT support team in place, your practice can minimize downtime due to technical issues, which can be costly in terms of lost productivity and revenue.

Improved efficiency and productivity

With a reliable healthcare IT support team in place, your practice can minimize downtime due to technical issues, which can be costly in terms of lost productivity and revenue.

They’ll also ensure that your website is mobile responsive which is vital today as the number of people using their phones as primary platforms to access the internet, continues to rise.

Improved patient care

A reliable healthcare IT support team can ensure that your practice’s electronic health records (EHR) system is up-to-date and secure, which can improve patient care through accurate and accessible medical records.

Keeping the communication channels open and clear for potential patients and current patients is key to improving the patient experience. As we explained in a previous section, an error in communication has a negative effect on the patient experience.

Data security and compliance

Healthcare IT support can help protect your practice’s data from cyber threats, such as hacking and data breaches, which can compromise patient privacy and lead to legal and financial consequences. In addition, you will also feel an additional sense of security knowing that your practice is compliant with all relevant regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and Meaningful Use.

Improved patient experience

If all the boxes are ticked, more patients would feel satisfied with the service they received over the long term. This entails more positive reviews, which then culminate in more new patients willing to try your practice.

Where can you find reliable healthcare IT support and website support?